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We demand validation and verification of derogatory information for our clients using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. These five laws have been established to protect consumers’ credit reports. Creditors and credit bureaus are legally obligated to produce documented evidence within a reasonable amount of time, generally 30 days, to back the claims they make. If they cannot validate their claims, they must promptly remove any undocumented information from the consumer’s credit report.

1. Free Credit Report Evaluation
Your certified credit consultant will evaluate your credit report with TransUnion, Experion, and Equifax and review them with you line by line. Your FICO credit score is impacted by the information on file by these three credit bureaus. If you have active financial accounts and are managing your financial obligations responsibly, these bureaus have constant, updated information on your “creditworthiness” that they can in turn use to adjust and potentially raise your credit score.

Besides pinpointing all items that may be damaging to your credit score, our team will thoroughly review your credit profile. We will analyze your history, locate any gaps, and seek ways to improve your FICO credit score.

2. Customized Credit Repair Plan
If you decide that you would like to proceed with our program, your certified credit consultant will put together a plan of action to get your negative and incorrect items removed from your credit reports or advice you to do a debt settlement in accordance with the FCRA, HIPAA, FCBA and other consumer laws.

There are a variety of solutions for enhancing your credit score depending on your credit profile, current credit score, and more. Some solutions may include paying your account balances in full or redistributing them. However, other solutions, such as rebuilding your credit completely, may involve much larger changes. In situations such as this, you may have to open new, low-rate credit cards or accounts. Our team will work with you and provide tips on managing these new accounts so that your credit score is rebuilt to its highest potential.

3. Send all Correspondence from the Agencies to Us
You will begin to receive correspondence from the credit reporting agencies within the first 30-45 days. Simply send any correspondence to us to our corporate office.

4. We Update You on Your Progress
We are here to answer all your questions and our process is built on constant communication with you.  From month to month you will see how we delegate with all three credit agencies, keeping you always informed and up to date.

You can rest assured knowing that everything possible will be done to help you reach your credit goals.

5. Benefit from Your New Results
Our innovative firm and staff will assist with your future financial needs. We can provide advice and information on how to best manage your current credit to maximize the impact to your qualifying ability. We also have many avenues to help you get the lines of credit, mortgage and banking needs.