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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my own credit report?
Yes, you can, however, it is best you have a professional company that focuses on and specializes in credit restoration deal with the agencies on your behalf. Our proven 4 step process will give you the results you need to become creditworthy. 

How can I be guaranteed that my credit score will increase?

Our proven record has shown that our clients scores increase anywhere from 55 – 105 points when using our services.

How long will it take for my credit scores to increase?

nce a negative trade line is removed you will see an increase since your report will be restored without the negative trade line. If you follow our instructions, you will continue to see your report increase long after our work is completed. The entire process from start to finish will take 12 to 14 weeks.

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Credit Basics

What is Credit?

Credit is a financial tool that enables you to buy things now without paying for them all at once. “GOOD CREDIT” means paying your bills on time, maintaining a responsible financial profile and not overextending by borrowing too much.

What is a Credit Score?

Credit score is a 3 digit number that ranks individuals according to their credit history. Your score is based on your payment history, your outstanding credit, your available credit amongst other factors. Credit scores assist lenders in determining your loan application. This process is called “underwriting”.

What is a Credit Report?

Your credit report is the summery of your credit history – new accounts, closed accounts, unpaid bills, judgments, collections, bankruptcies, late payments, -etc. Your credit report provides a blueprint for your credit score.

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